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12 March

Brake pads for trucks

What are the best brake pads for trucks? Those that work without noise and dust, with a high coefficient of friction and a long service life. If they’re also "delicate" to the brake disc, then be sure – you have found the perfect option.

Features of brake pads

The brake pad is an integral part of the brake system of any car. Each pad consists of:

  • metal plate;
  • friction lining;

The pad in the caliper, which is fixed by a bracket to the rotary fist of the brake disc, produces a coefficient of friction, in other words reduces the braking distance. The responsibility for the coefficient of friction with the metal and braking in contact with the disk "lies" on the friction lining. The cover is made of different materials (about 40 species are known today) – friction mixture. All components of the friction mixture are "glued" with special resins, pressed at high temperature and glued to a metal plate. The surface of some pads has a lapping coating, the main task of which is to fill in the irregularities or defects of the brake disc from the previous pads. Thanks to the lapping coating, the new pad fits snugly over the entire area. However, such spare parts are not recommended for new brake discs.

The cover, glue and metal plate must match each other in terms of thermal expansion coefficients, in other words must be equally resistant to sudden temperature changes. This will ensure even wear of each element and longer service life of the part as a whole.

During braking, the friction lining is erased, the particles of material in the form of dust settle on the surface of the brake disc. There’s also a reverse side of the coin: if the cover is too hard, then the disc is erased during braking itself.

As it’s always much cheaper to change brake pads than a disc, it’s not necessary to save on the material of the friction lining.

Brake pads for trucks: types

Depending on the material of the friction lining, there’re the following types of pads:

  1. Organic. They’re made of metal (up to 30%), vegetable fibers, carbon, rubber, resins. They make little noise, but are not suitable for high loads and temperature fluctuations.
  2. Metal. Made of steel and copper. They’re resistant to high temperatures, but in the process of work they're too noisy.
  3. Semi-metallic. They contain 30-60% of metal, the rest – carbon, rubber, resins and other fillers. Suitable for standard and advanced operating conditions. However, they make noise, dust and increase the wear of the brake discs.
  4. Ceramic. The most innovative type of pads. They contain ceramic fibers, non-ferrous metals and binders. The innovative composition forms the price – the cost of ceramic is higher than organic or metal. Ceramic pads are delicate to the discs, as they wear little and don’t create abrasive dust. Compared to all other types of pads, they work very quietly. Today, ceramic is the optimal value for money.

When you need to change the brake pads for the truck ?

Do you hear an unpleasant creak when braking? This means that the friction pad of the pad rubs against the disc and needs to be replaced.

In this case, you need to assess the condition of the part visually. If the friction liner is worn to 2 mm, it must be replaced. An important nuance – the cover wears unevenly, so inspect the part meticulously.

The on-board computer will also "tell" about the erased brake pad. Additionally, some drivers focus on mileage and check the condition of the pads after every 40,000 km. With our brake pads, such frequent inspections are impractical – the range is enough to 80,000 km!

Where to buy truck brake pads

In our web catalog you will find auto parts for trucks and buses of European production (DAF, MAN, VOLVO, RVI, MB, IVECO, SCANIA, VAN HOOL, SETRA, NEOPLAN, BOVA).

Qualified workers, who have studied in Germany, Slovenia, Poland, will advise you and help you to choose the best brake pads for your vehicle. All products are certified and meet European quality standards. We quickly send goods to any corner of Ukraine from warehouses in Lviv and Kyiv. Discounts and deferred payment are available for regular customers.

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Article: 29087PRO

Brake pads

Analogues: 29087, 29042, 29045, 29046, 29059, 29061, 29105, 29106, 29108, 29109, 29146, 29163, 29179, 29196, 29201, 29202, 29275, II38162F, II180220062, MDP9005, 29087WT GDB5067, 1617343, 81508206030, FCV4296PTS, K046772K50, MDP3087K, 129278TE, MDP9005, GDB5067, FC1598BFE, 1617343, MAX087K


Article: 29030PRO

Brake pads MAN, NEOPLAN, RVI
249,5x118,2x28,30 mm (WITH TIMING COATING) SETRA

Analogues: P8521, 036.140-00, 81508226016, 81508226011, JCP760, JCW137, WIK519, JCW137, JCW113, HCK106355, 117787, 117787L, 96990 0255 0 1, 96990 0255, 29030, 5001834075, 98025500, 5201-10-0005P, II39100F, II39107F, 81508205006, 81508205020, 81508205040, 81508205047, 81508205060, 81508205064, 81508205066, 81508205068, 81508205078, 81508205087, 81508205091, 81508206000, 81508206002, 81508206004, 81508206014, 81508206016, 81508206025, 81508206036, 81508206044, 81508206046, MDP5038, MDP5065, 5001823000, 5001848363


Article: 29095PRO

Brake pads VOLVO, RVI
249,5x114,5x28,20 mm (WITH TIMING COATING)

Analogues: 29095, MTX-29095, WVA29095, 29165WT, 29165, GDB5072, 2930601, 517751, 26K0106B TE, 0509290050, WP1329E, WP1329EVO, WP1329, 07-P29095, JCA0814.80, RS JCA0814.80, MTX-29095P, 008 420 58 20



Article: 29158PRO

Brake pads SAF
210,8x108x30 (WITH TIMING COATING)

Analogues: 29171



Article: 29131PRO

Brake pads MAN TGA, RVI
249,6x118,2x30,20 mm (WITH TIMING COATING)




Article: 29165PRO

Brake pads BPW
210.9x92.5x30 (WITH TIMING COATING)

Analogues: MTX29165, 29165, BPD165, WP131E, 07-P29306, CVP093, EFC139, FCV1678, 151629, K012336, MDP1678, MDP3165K, C1026, JCA115000, 2916504, 2916530024T3030, 2926801, GDB5092, 541718, WVA29165, 291653001, MTX-29165P, BP.D-165, D165.01-29165, MTX-29165P, 0509290220, 509290220, JCA1556.80, WP131, WP131EVO, BDL29165, 29095, 29165UB



Article: 29171PRO

Brake pads SAF
210,8x108x30 (WITH TIMING COATING)

Analogues: MDP3171K, K066608K50, K040231K62, K011471K50, 29171, 29271, 29194, 29269, 29158, JCP1002PP, JCP1002, JCA 1074.80, GDB5093, FCV4461BFE, FCV1825B, FCV1657B, C1028, 882209, 76452, 668.0, 584.035, 4.90935, 31.208.700.430, 3057008501, 3057008500, 2930870, 2930801, 2927170, 2927101, 2926901


Article: 29173PRO

Brake pads
210x109.55x31.7 (WITH TIMING COATING) RVI; VOLVO 2005= задні

Analogues: 29173, JCP013, 923281, FCV4377B, 584047, GDB5102, 05P1492, 29203, MDP3173K, 7421399915, 2916930004145624, 21496551, MTX-29173, GDB5102, TSN0200/524287, WP173E, 584.047, 2917301, MDP5106SK, RCV5040, MTX-29173P, MAX173K, JCA1317.00



Article: 29174PRO

Brake pads RVI,VOLVO
249,5x109.3x29,3 mm (WITH TIMING COATING)

Analogues: 29174WT, WP174E, FCV4115BFE, 151831, MDP5101, MDP5104, 29226, 29174, MDP3174K, 129174MER, MDP5056, JCW141, JCP006, 7420928553, 5001864363, 5001864364, 20568711, 20568714, 29174, 29219, 29204, 21496550, WP174E, S2917401, 26K0474, SP26K0474, 21352570, 26K0219SP, 26K0219, JCA1257.00, WP174, WIC041, GDB5096, WP174EVO, 5050-29218, 29218, 29174UB, S0572917400



Article: 29175PRO

Brake pads SAF

Analogues: 2919530P, 29195, 29175, 3057009601, D-195, SM511-Z, 29175 00 901 10, GDB5115, 2919530004145814, FCV1814BFE, 3057009600, CVP113K, WP1567, 29175 300 14 T3060, 76081, 07-P29195, SAF SBS 2220, MTX-29195P, 95396, FO 55276081PRO, 55276081PRO, 55276081, 539159, TSN0630/539159, 3.057.0096.01, 415DP