Plastic products from the manufacturer AYMEKS

18 September

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Item code: 42U1001
The mudguard is universal, has a white line around the edges.
бризговик 45х210
Item code: 42U1003
The mudguard is universal
бризговик 45х200
Item code: 42U1010
The universal mudguard is on a spark
бризговик 65х210
Item code: 42U2032
Box under fire extinguisher 6kg. - 9kg.
ящик під вогнегасник 6кг 9кг
Item code: 42U2036
Tool box 60l.
ящик на інструмент
Item code: 42U2037
Tool box 80l.
Item code: 42U2039
Tool box 110l.
Item code: 42U2042
A wedge under a wheel with a plastic fastening.
Item code: 42U2044
A wedge under a wheel with a plastic fastening
Item code: 42U2152
Hand washing tank 30l. with a soap dispenser.
Item code: 42U2101
Wing mount metal for universal wing
Item code: 42U2102
Plastic wing attachment for universal wing
Item code: 42U2115
Tensioner belt protection (angular) plastic 145mm
Item code: 42V1113
Eraser mounting mudguard VOLVO FH/FM OE No: 1079981
Item code: 42D1113
Eraser mounting mudguard DAF, RVI OE No: 1340450
Item code: 42M1125
Eraser mounting mudguard MAN TGA OE No: 81664400192
Item code: 42V1112
Eraser mounting mudguard RVI VOLVO OE No: 20498623
Item code: 42S1107
Eraser mounting mudguard SCANIA 124 OE No: 1383858
Item code: 42R1126
Eraser mounting mudguard RENAULT-PREMIUM OE No: 5001856184